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Practices Areas

Cases are allocated depending on the relevant area.

Insurance and Reinsurance

The Insurance Department of Estudio Tallone represents insurance and reinsurance companies in a wide range of matters relating to this activity.

• Acquisition of insurance companies.
• Organization of insurance companies and obtaining the necessary authorizations for them to function.
• Registration of foreign insurance and reinsurance companies.
• Representation of clients before the Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation.
• Drafting of insurance policies.
• Settlement and investigation of claims.
• Litigation and arbitration on the scope of coverage in political risk, general and product liability, professional liability (D&O, E&O, medical and legal malpractice), life, air, land and maritime transportation and bank policies (BBB), and other conflicts arising from Insurance and Reinsurance Contracts.
• Cutoff agreements.
• Advisory on the day-to-day operation of insurance and reinsurance companies.
• Defense in court and out-of-court proceedings.
• Strategic practice. We cover all problems affecting the insurance and reinsurance market.

Civil and Professional Liability

One of the areas of specialization of the firm is Civil Liability, mainly Medical and Institutional Professional Liability (prepaid medicine, social security, insurance companies, etc.), where we advise several institutions that have a great influence in the market.

The firm puts at your disposal its vast experience and the expertise of its professionals in this area allowing to provide comprehensive advisory in all matters relating to the defense of medical malpractice proceedings, whether in court or out of court (mediation). In all cases we have prestigious technical consultants that participate actively in the follow-up of all claims presented.

Labor Risk

In the Labor Risk area we provide extensive advisory to companies.

In particular, we represent, ever since the adoption of Law 24,557, different Labor Risk Insurers in the different procedural instances at national, provincial and municipal level, with numerous correspondents in the interior of the country. We work to reduce the economic risk faced by such companies by maintaining negotiations in connection with important cases in court and out of court.

To that end, we make presentations before Medical Commissions, the Federal Chamber of Social Security and Labor Courts throughout the country, Courts of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

Labor and Social Security Law

Given the expertise of our professionals, we also advise on individual and collective labor law, mainly representing leading national and international companies in court and out-of-court proceedings at provincial and national level.
• Representation in labor disputes.
• Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements or business agreements.
• Hiring and termination of executive officers.
• Design and implementation of staff policies, including the adjustment of wage systems of foreign companies to local rules.
• Advisory in the hiring of employees abroad to provide services in the country.
Design and implementation of staff reduction plans, closure of undertakings and outsourcing.

Maritime Law

The Firm provides its services in all areas, accompanying the client in each step it has to take.

• Transportation. Freight Forwarding. Averages.
• International contracts.
• Assistance before navigation administrative courts and legal courts.
• Boarding.
• Letters of guarantee.
• Arrest of vessels.
• Prohibitions to leave. Privileges.
• Assistance and rescues, stranding
• Purchase and sale of vessels. Naval mortgage. Leasing. Time charter. Spot trips. Assistance to local and foreign shipping companies and their maritime agencies. Registration of vessels. Provisional and final cessation of flag. Scrapping.
• P&I Clubs.
• Maritime and port labor law. Adjustment contract. Enforcement of collective bargaining agreements. Negotiations with unions.

Health Law

Advisory and representation in all aspects of services to the health system players (hospitals, clinics, diagnosis centers, union health plans, provincial health plans, prepaid medicine, etc.).
• Prevention, pre-court and court representation throughout the country
• Formation, training and refresher programs on civil and commercial procedure and in all matters relating to management tools and conflicts in the Health area.

Environmental Law

The Firm specialists know in depth all matters relating to Environmental Law which have an incidence in the adoption of business decisions or in governmental administration. The task of these specialists is to identify risks and propose solutions, before conflicts arise.
• Evaluation of compliance with environmental rules and, if applicable, of the related liability for damages to the environment, especially in cases of transfer of shares or businesses.
• Obtaining environmental permits and certificates.
• Advisory to clients in environmental inspections and defense of them in the administrative or legal proceedings that may arise therefrom (ACUMAR, O.P.D.S., Secretary of the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Nation).
• Representation of clients in negotiations with regulatory entities.
• Advisory to public or private institutions, national or international, on legal and administrative environmental matters.
• Advisory on environmental insurance and guarantees.

Litigation and Arbitration

We are experienced in litigation and arbitration. We have the human and computer resources for the management of a large volume of cases. Credit recovery actions.

Comprehensive Management of Claims

• 24 hour attention.
• Reporting the claim.
• Review and investigation.
• Liability opinion.
• Contact with the third party, settlement and payment.

Consumer Defense and Competition

The Firm has a highly specialized team in this area of practice.
Our services cover various aspects, such as the provision of legal advice and the representation in all kind of administrative and judicial proceedings and lawsuits under the Consumer Protection Law, comparative advertisement, product liability and defective products replacement, defense against claims filed by consumer associations, sweepstakes, contests and promotions, product advertising campaigns, product labeling and marketing conditions and design and implementation of consumer defense compliance programs.

Risk Consultancy

We have a strategic Alliance with UpSide Risks, consulting firm specialized in risk management. Same is composed of professionals and practitioners who dedicate only to such matter. This combination makes us really experts in what we do and allows us to permanently go forward in this sector.

To assume a risk means to expose oneself to the occurrence of unexpected events, whether favorable or unfavorable. In the first case, we have to take advantage of that and capitalize the associated benefit. In the second case, the company has to be able to cope with the consequences without letting problems making it go bankrupt.
Risk management implies capitalizing the ups while controlling the downs. It is about strategy, not audit.

Risks have different origins: financial, operating, political and strategic. All of them have potentially the same importance for companies, which means that we have to assess their effects on cash flows, on the company’s value, on reputation, on the ability to motivate employees and on many more aspects of the day-to-day activities of the organization.

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